Four Engraved Wood Badge Beads

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Four Engraved Wood Badge Beads

Four Engraved Wood Badge Beads
Item #: 103116-4

These are our premium handcrafted beads. up to 12 letters each side. One or two sides engraved. Pick any of our Woods shown to be Engraved (except Ivory). Send Bead information to Contact us. Trees have always kept much of their beauty under their bark. We have worked very hard to get it out and bring it forth in Wood Badge Beads. This tradition started in Africa with the Zulu chief and tribesmen. Those trees are still growing and we have brought only the most beautiful of these woods from Africa and South America. We have many different handcrafted Wood Badge beads to choose from. The beads are made from block wood, shaped and then hand rubbed to bring out the inter beauty. Ā Size 1 1/6 X 3/8. Great as a gift for yourself or a friend. In a very nice gift box. / Note; Only Leaders that have passed the test and gone the distance and achieved Wood Badge can wear Wood Badge Beads. Handcrafted in the USA.

Price : $62.00

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Four Engraved Wood Badge Beads

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